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As Lex was driving home from work, he was having a hard time looking out his car window with all the snow falling in front of him.  "God damn it," he thought "I can't see through all this snow.  Why did I decide to go to work on a day like this?"  He didn't have a great day at work either.  Since he worked for Bon Bon's sweet shop, he had to deliver various packages throughout town.  On this day, he had to deliver a package to Pinkie Pie at Sugarcube Corner.  However, when Pinkie Pie had opened her package while Lex was holding it, a pie flew out and hit Lex in the face.  Although he wasn't mad at Pinkie (that was just who she was), he was upset that Bon Bon yelled at him for getting whipped cream all on his uniform.

As he tried to concentrate on the road, he was dreading how he was going to spend his Christmas: alone, just like every Christmas for the past three years.   It wasn't that he wasn't attractive or mean; he was actually well built for his age and was considered one of the nicest guys at Canterlot High School.  The problem was that Lex was always scared of rejection; he was always fearful that if he asked a girl out, she would either laugh at him or look at him like he was from another planet.  He was even to scared to ask the girl he had a crush on since freshmen year.  Every Christmas, Lex had wished to have a special someone to spend Christmas with.  However, his wishes ended up being to no avail.

A sudden sputter brought Lex back to reality.  As he looked at his hood, he saw smoke billowing out.  The car soon shook and then died, leaving Lex in the middle of the road.  Lex then took a deep breath and said "OH COME ON!!  DON'T YOU DIE ON ME NOW!!!"  Placing a hand on his forehead, Lex knew he had to get out of the car and find help, if there would be any around.  Stepping out of the vehicle, Lex was met with a mixture of wind and snow that slammed at his face like a punch.  "Of all the weather conditions I had to break down in," he thought, "this definitely takes the cake."  He walked around to find any kind of life out on the street, but everyone was smart enough to stay inside their houses during this storm.  Suddenly, he noticed a small light emitting from a window within a house that was close by.  Heart hammering, he started walking toward the house, hoping that whoever inside could let him use their phone.  However, as he reached the front gate, his heart sank into his stomach.  The house in front of him was a beautiful cottage with birdhouses, holes, and a chicken coop out in the backyard.  "Oh no," Lex thought, "Why did it have to be her house?"

Inside her cozy home, Fluttershy was making a cup of hot chocolate so that she could watch her favorite movie "It's a Wonderful Life".  As she started to stir the cocoa mix with the hot water, she looked out the window and sighed sadly.  Even though she was happy with her friends and the animals she took care of at the animal shelter, she hated spending Christmas break without having a special somebody to spend it with.   She was even more sad at the fact that she was to scared to ask the boy she had a crush on since freshmen year.  Shaking these thoughts out of her head, Fluttershy took her mug and sat down on the couch with her favorite pet Angel Bunny on her lap.  Suddenly, a gust of wind pushed against the house, causing Angel to curl up on Fluttershy's lap in fear.  Chuckling, Fluttershy petted the bunny to calm him down.  "It's okay, Angel," she said soothingly, "It's just the wind; nothings going to hurt.  Although," she continued as she looked out the window at the storm, "I do hope nobody's out there; it would be awful if somebody were to be caught or stuck in this storm."  Almost on cue, there was a knock on the front door that caused Fluttershy to cry out softly and hide behind the couch.  Angel glared at her and shook his head.  "Who c-c-could be here at t-t-this hour?" she asked nervously.  Moving ever so slowly to the door, Fluttershy grasped the doorknob and flew the door open.  She looked to see a man about the same age as her wearing a brown jacket, denim pants,  and a look of relief.  She instantly knew who he was.  "Oh my gosh," she thought nervously, "It's him!"  "L-L-Lex?!" Fluttershy asked with a beet-red face.

"Hi F-F-Fluttershy." said Lex through chattering teeth.  "I w-w-was just w-w-wondering if y-y-you had a ph-ph-phone I could use."

"Of course I do," Fluttershy exclaimed, "But get inside; it's freezing cold out."  She then grabbed Lex by his jacket and pulled him inside.  As Fluttershy struggled to close the front door, Lex took the opportunity to survey her living quarters.  It had a kitchenette, a small living room, and doors that seemed to lead to the bedroom and others.  When Fluttershy finally succeeded in closing the door, she turned to Lex and asked, "What were you doing out in the middle of the storm, Lex?"  As she looked at him, Lex began to feel queasy.  He never thought he would be inside a girl's house, let alone the house of his crush.  From the first day he had met her at Canterlot High School, Lex had loved everything about Fluttershy.  To Lex, she was the perfect woman, from her hair and her eyes to the way she talked and showed her kindness to everyone around her.  Now, as she was looking up at him with her adorable eyes, Lex was finding it hard to speak at all.  However, he shook off those thoughts as he needed to get his car looked at.

"Well," he said, "I was driving home from work and my car decided to break down on me.  So, I decided to get out and try to find some help.  Your house was the only one that had a light on, so I decided to come up here.  I need to use your phone to call a tow truck to pick up my car."

"Oh sure; here." Fluttershy responded, handing a phone to Lex.

"Thanks." he replied.  After dialing a phone number, Lex placed the phone to his ear.  "Hello?" he said, "Yes, my car broke down and I need to get it repaired.  It's a...wait?  What do you mean you...*sigh* fine.  It's a 1976 black Pontiac Trans Am.  *SIGH* Yes; like the car from Smokey and the Bandit.  Alright, thanks."

As he hung up the phone, Lex turned to Fluttershy with a worried look on his face.  "They said they can't get it to the shop due to the snowstorm.  This means that I'm stuck with no transportation." he said.  Taking a deep breath, Lex continued, "I better call up one of the guys to see if I can stay the ni..."

"No!" Fluttershy exclaimed.

Lex turned to Fluttershy with a confused look.  "Excuse me?" he asked.

"I said no."  Fluttershy replied sternly, "You are not going back out into that storm.  You can spend the night here.  Absolutely no objections!  Here," she said, throwing a pair of male pajamas, "you can wear these for the night.  You can go into the bathroom and change."

"O-O-Okay." Lex replied with a hint of uneasiness.  As soon as Lex closed the bathroom door shut, both he and Fluttershy started to panic.

Fluttershy: "What was that? I just told him he could stay here."

Lex: "And I just said yes?"


Fluttershy: "Hold that thought..."

Lex: "Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all."

Fluttershy: "I mean, we're just friends right?"

Feeling more confident in her decision, Fluttershy strode over to the bathroom door and flew it open.  "Hey Lex," she said, "how's it go..."  She couldn't even say it, for she had walked in on Lex wearing no shirt on.  As she stared at his toned body, Fluttershy's face turned beet-red and she slammed the door shut.  "Oh my gosh," she thought, "what have I done?  I just walked in on him with no shirt on!"

Just then, the bathroom door opened up and Lex walked out fully clothed and looking concerned.  "Fluttershy, are you alright?" he asked.

"I'm fine!" Fluttershy exclaimed in a raised voice.  "I just should have knocked first; I'm going to change."  As she ran toward her room, Lex shook his head.  Just then, he saw Angel Bunny looking up at him with a sad look on his face.  Lex smiled and patted the bunny's head.

"Let me ask you something," said Lex.  "What's it like living with Fluttershy?"  Angel shrugged his shoulders.  "So-so, huh?" Lex said with a raised eyebrow.  "Well, to be honest Angel, you're a very lucky bunny.  You get to live with the most incredible girl in the world."  Seeing Angel raise an eyebrow, Lex chuckled and said, "Well, what's not to like about Fluttershy?  She's beautiful, kind, caring; I mean, I could go on forever about what I like about her.  That's probably the reason why I've had a crush on her for the past three years.  I always seem to love how she greets everyone at school, how she stands up for her friends; I even love the moments when she says something bad, but she covers her mouth and her face gets red."  He leaned in toward Angel and whispered, "Those moments are when I realize how so darn cute she is.  And...."  Lex paused, as he noticed that Angel was wearing a sly grin across his face and was looking behind Lex.  Heart hammering, Lex whispered "She's right behind me, isn't she?"  Nervously, Lex turned around and saw Fluttershy wearing a nightgown and watery eyes.  "Um..." Lex began, "I guess the secret is out, huh?  Listen Fluttershy, I..."  Suddenly, Lex's words were cut off by the feeling of lips pressed against his; Lex didn't fight at all. He closed his eyes and moved his arms to Fluttershy's back, pulling her into a tight embrace.  After what seemed like forever, the two separated, leaving a string of saliva between them.

Smiling, Fluttershy hugged Lex and whispered in his ear, "I feel the same."


The rest of the evening went off without a hitch; Lex and Fluttershy ended up watching "It's a Wonderful Life, all the while cuddling up on the sofa.  As the movie ended, Lex noticed that Fluttershy had fallen asleep on his chest.  Angel then hopped over carrying a blanket; Lex smiled and draped the blanket over himself and Fluttershy.  Looking back with a smile on his face, Angel hopped over to the lamp, turned off the light, and went to bed himself.  As he looked down at Fluttershy sleeping peacefully, Lex couldn't help but think, "Maybe wishes do come true."  Kissing Fluttershy on the head, he whispered, "Goodnight, my sweet angel."


A few days later...

Fluttershy was making her coffee when she heard a knock at her door.  She rushed towards it with excitment; it was Christmas morning and she was expecting to spend it with a special someone.  She opened the door to find Lex with a present in his hand and a smile on his face.  "Merry Christmas, Fluttershy!" he said.

"Merry Christmas, dear!"  exclaimed Fluttershy as she let him into the house.

"Here," Lex said as he handed her the present.  "I hope you like it."

When Fluttershy opened it, she gasped with excitement.  It was an Open Heart Necklace from Jared that she had wished for.  As Lex took the necklace and wrapped it around her neck, Fluttershy rushed over to the tree and presented Lex with a square present.  Looking at the present, Lex smiled, took the bow off the gift, and placed it on Fluttershy's head.  "What are you doing?" Fluttershy asked.

Smiling, Lex wrapped Fluttershy in a tight embrace and said, "You're my Christmas gift this year, sweetheart."  Fluttershy then pressed her lips against Lex's as the snow drifted lazily outside.

The End


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